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Welcome to SpamCop News!

SpamCop News is the companion news and information site for the SpamCop spam reporting service and the SpamCop Email filtered email service. Using SpamCop, you can report spammers to their ISP's, often getting them shut down. This helps reduce the amount of spam we all receive. And, you can subscribe to SpamCop Email and receive email virtually spam-free.

What is here The SpamCop News site hosts several discussion groups which talk about SpamCop, spam, and more. The best way to participate is through a "news" client. The SpamCop newsgroup are not carried by your ISP, so you need to add a new server to your news client: news.spamcop.net. (For WebTV, the SpamCop newsgroups are carried along with your normal newsgroups.)

If you can't use news, or prefer email, an email version of each of the newsgroups is available. All email sent to a list is posted to the newsgroup, and vice-versa. In addition, searchable archives of the newsgroups are available and you can use them whether or not you subscribe to the mailing list.

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