[SC-Help] Notes and HAHAHA

Anon spamcop-help
Tue, 8 May 2001 11:22:28 -0700

See many other posts re haha/sexifun.net.

THIS IS A VIRUS not spam. Someone's computer found your e-mail address in
its address book and automatically sent you the virus (the computer owner
doesn't even know it was sent.)

If you can follow the parse to find out where it came from and inform that
ISP with a copy of the FULL letter headers - they may be able to find out
which computer sent the mail and inform the owner that his computer is

Make sure YOU delete the mail (copy the full header then delete the message
to keep your computer from being infected.

If you DID open the attachment, your are infected. Go (this is not a joke)
<http://www.sexyfun.net/> for information about removing the virus from your

A SpamCop user and forum reader,
Not Admin

<csong> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I'm trying to "block" the "sexyfun.net" domain name from our notes system.
> this useless since the emails originate from different places?
> I also blocked your ip address, from our network through our
> firewall.  This stopped it, when I enable the, it came back.
If it
> originates from different places, why did blocking the "sexyfun.net" ip
> work?
> Carvin Song