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[SC-Help] Re: how do I undo a block to my email?

Spam Hater ohubp6n02 at sneakemail.com
Wed May 14 19:53:49 EDT 2003

The original post was from an AOL user and his complaint was that he
blocked a fellow AOL user.  In general, most AOL users use AOL's built in
email program to read and send their email.  I haven't played with it yet,
but I read somewhere that the newest version of AOL has one-click SPAM
reporting capabilities.  So, assuming a whole lot of facts not yet in
evidence, my guess is that his buddy sent him a message and he "spamed"
(sic) his buddy by clicking on the *This is SPAM* button.  If this is the
case, the message itself was probably forwarded to TOSreports and ignored
like they do most reports and at the same time, his buddy was probably
added to his AOL blocklist.  Only the original poster can confirm this,
but he hasn't chimed back in yet...

My suggestion to him was to check for this block under his Mail
Preferences settings.  If he couldn't find it there, he will pretty much
have to contact AOL directly unless someone else on here is an AOLuser and
isn't afraid to admit it and give a step by step set of instructions on
how to undo the damage.

At 02:51 PM 5/14/2003 -0700, Mike Easter typed:
>Randolf Richardson wrote:
>> BrentRoad wrote:
>>> How do I unblock a friends email to me I made a mistake and spamed
>>> his email to me and he says I no longer accept email from him? his
>>> email address that I wish to re-instate is rodhadwen at aol.com.
>>     What do you mean by "I made a mistake and spam[m]ed his email?"
>Part of the "game" sometimes [which makes me a little crazy] is to try to
>figure out what the poster wants to know, when they didn't really
>communicate it very well at all.
>My guess is that BrentRoad, using some kind of as yet unknown mailuser
>agent, used its "block sender" function as a poor strategy to management
>of spam, and blocked someone who should've been whitelisted instead of
>If BR were using OE, I would say to go to Tools/ Message rules/ Blocked
>senders list/ Blocked senders tab and uncheck the party BR blocked with
>the Message/ Block sender function.
>However, since the newsagent is XNews, we can't guess at what the mailuser
>agent is, so that advice might be misapplied.
>Also, the strategy of using block sender on spam is fundamentally
>worthless, with rare exceptions.

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