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[SC-Help] Re: SpamAssassin for Macs?

Mike Easter MikeE at ster.invalid
Sun Jul 18 14:54:32 EDT 2004

Hoyt Weathers wrote:
> I am running a Mac G3, MOS 9.2.2,

> Is there a version of SpamAssassin which will work on my Mac?

Not that I know of.  This site explains how to install SA for OS X -
http://www.stupidfool.org/docs/sa.html  - This document describes the
process of installing SpamAssassin on OS X

You're going to have a harder time back at 9.2 than you would at X.  You
could use some Eudora filters and addons.

>  I have looked into the Apache site and there
> is no mention of operating systems.

This is where the Apache site refers to the above
http://spamassassin.apache.org/downloads.html - MacOS X users: Ben Trott
of MovableType has written a good how-to on installing SpamAssassin on

> It appears that everything is for
> MS DOS systems.

No -  ./n/x users.

Mike Easter
kibitzer, not SC admin

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