[SpamCop-List] Re: ORBS

michael lefevre spamcop-list
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 11:33:07 +0100

"GregR" <spamalyzer> wrote in message
> >> Anyone notice anything strange about the ORBS website?
> Only if you call "Due to circumstances beyond our control, the ORBS
website is
> no longer available." strange... ;-)
> Hmm... wonder if they lost their website in one of those ISP mega-mergers?

ORBS is the subject of court action by actrix ltd and telecom new zealand
over their listings in the ORBS database...


aiui, they had open relays, they blocked the automated tester (and so were
removed from the inputs.orbs.org automated testers zone) and were placed in
the manual listings... they then asked to be removed from all the listings
and made threats of legal action, and in response Alan Brown put their
addresses back in to the inputs.orbs.org zone manually...

Alan posted this statement over on NANAE:

> Further to my posting on Wednesday 23 May 2001:
> (a) References to Telecom New Zealand Limited, EXTRA, Actrix Networks
> Limited and their IP addresses on the ORBS website and databases were
> and are wrongful;
> (b) The ORBS website is closed for reasons unconnected with the
> proceedings involving Telecom New Zealand Limited and Actrix Networks
> Limited;
> (c) Manawatu Internet Services Limited and I caused Telecom New
> Zealand Limited and Actrix Limited's names and IP addresses to be
> manually included in "inputs.orbs.org", the automated open relays
> database, notwithstanding that the ORB's automated tester showed at
> the relevant times that Telecom New Zealand Limited's and Actrix
> Limited's servers were not open relays;
> (d) The ORB's automated tester shows that Telecom New Zealand
> Limited's and Actrix Limited's main servers are not currently open
> relays;
> (e) Please therefore remove any blocks on Telecom New Zealand Limited
> and Actrix Limited's servers.