[SpamCop-List] Sears spam?

David D. Hagood spamcop-list@news.spamcop.net
Wed, 15 May 2002 08:22:46 -0500

Andie Z wrote:
> Sears siding was advertised by spammer Toplander Corp., (aka,
> emailoffersondemand, and jobsonline.  I phoned and e-mailed Sears CEO.  I
> received an immediate reply from a Sears exec. who I sent a nice note to.  I
> no longer receive any spam from them.

Could you send me the CEO's e-mail directly? The next time I get a Sears spam 
I'd like to know who to LART.

I suspect, however, that you were just list-washed - I have a bad feeling that 
Sears is hiring these spammers...

What I'd like to see is Sears suing these bastards.