[SpamCop-List] How to sign someone up for spam?

David D. Hagood spamcop-list@news.spamcop.net
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 09:19:41 -0500

Pat Willener wrote:

> But I would like to give him a taste of what I am going
> through every day.  I would like to sign him up for spam.  Lots of spam.  I

First piece of advice: Don't do it. It's wrong to stoop to spammy's level. 
Spammy doesn't know any better. You read this list - you know better.

Second piece of advice: if you ARE determined to do this, don't sign your CIO up 
- sign your CEO and president up. Your CIO has already shown that he doesn't 
care about spam, and will likely JHD. If you inconvenience your CEO ('s 
secretary) you MIGHT see some results.

Third piece of advice: if you ARE determined to do this, go to a cybercafe and 
"unsubscribe" your target's email address from several lists. This will make it 
harder for them to trace it back to you. Also, put your target's email address 
in several USENET postings and public fora (again, from the cybercafe). Don't 
use your work computer, and don't use your home computer. Make it as hard to 
trace back to you as possible.

Fourth piece of advice: DON'T DO IT. By posting your intentions to this 
newsgroup you have made it possible to connect you with this action. If this 
sort of thing gets traced back to you, it could cost you your job AS WELL AS 
FUTURE JOBS. I know *I* wouldn't hire you if I knew you had pulled this kind of 

Fifth piece of advice: Ignore items 2 and 3. DON'T IGNORE 1 and 4.