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Sun Feb 16 06:06:29 EST 2003

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Mike Easter <MikeE> wrote:
> There must be a lot of models which would surely be better than a mixed-up
> [chimera?] system which is a crossbreed between a mailing list which
> doesn't require registration and a [somewhat] normal newsgroup [except for
> the way subjects and thread references are handled from the mailing list].

Yes.  I mentioned this previously and I still stand by it:  Get rid of
the web interface to post to spamcop*, since that'll eliminate pretty
much all the confusion as to what's going on with the interface and
the luser "I don't get this newsgroup so email me" posts (wrong
answer!  Read the fscking archive or subscribe to the newsgroup).

> That is a really really really bad [onerous] job which no well balanced
> individual in their right mind would do without some serious compensation,
> with the possible exception of some personality types who shouldn't be
> doing it at all.

Or ex-tech-support folks needing to do something to keep them from
falling back to doing tech support.  It's a hard habit to break, and
one that can kill you.  8:o)

>> #2 - Requiring a VALID e-mail address prior to posting messages. Many
>> people who post here from the webform are never heard from again.
> Probaby someone very important in the decision making chain thinks it is
> so important that it be easy to post into SpamCop that some minor or major
> heartburn on the part of the newsgroup/ mailinglist/ denizens doesn't
> really matter.

I don't like the idea of requiring valid email addresses, but munging
email addresses is never the right answer.  If you can't be bothered
to provide a working email address, then don't put one in your
newsreader and pay the price of bad propagation properly.

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